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Come one, Come all

At Bartlett we strive to curate events that will stick with you for a lifetime 

From family-style meals to multi-course extravaganzas all the way down to specialized cooking classes Bartlett has a journey sure to excite the senses 


Bartlett Dining 

Multi-Course Elevated Dining 

Seven Course Seasonal Menu : $175/person 

***Up to 30 Guests 

Five Course Seasonal Menu : $125/person 

***Up to 50 Guests 

Intimate Dinner For Two : $250/person 

Bartlett Catering 

Three Course Seasonal Menu 

Family Style or Plated : $100/person 

***Up to 75 Guests 

Stationed Nosh Gatherings : $75/person 

***Up to 100 Guests

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 3.10.50 PM.png

Extra Extra !!!

Charcuterie Board : $10/person 

Cured Salmon Board : $10/person 

Oysters : MP

From Scratch Bread Service : $7/person 

Next Day Items : $25/person 

***Quiche, Champagne, Cold Brew, Fresh Juice, Picnic Sammies

Beverage Pairing : $35/person 

Cooking Class

Time to play with your food...

Learn about the basics while you enjoy a multi-course meal you've helped to construct

Three course immersive menu or niche specialities dependant on arrangement : $250/person 

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